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SELF OMNINUTRITION – 13:e protein import AB is proud to offer the best range of dietary supplements on the market, helping people to live better by bringing well-being and joy of eating dietary supplements in their daily lives. Since 2004 we are always at the forefront in offering innovative products, always providing the best quality on our wide range of products for sports and well-being, formulated to help you achieve any goal.

In all our products we use only the finest ingredients available on the market. Thus mixing ingredients of high quality, healthy and safe dietary supplements of products placed on the market.

The company has a full range of dietary supplements, with help of nutritionists and biochemists we provide the latest and most innovative products, and continue to lead the way with future bestsellers. We use independent laboratories to further ensure the full microbiological safety of all materials used.

As for the formulation and flavouring, these are unsurpassed. Our development department has created a new New Flavour Technology, for this we are sure that you can find through our entire range of products the perfect flavour for your taste-bud.

Self Omninutrition

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Self Omninutrition Multivitamin 60 cps
Från 39 kr
79 kr
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SELF Multivitamin innehåller precis som namnet anger, vitaminer och mineraler som din kropp behöver för att fungera...
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Self Omninutrition Omega 3 Fish Oil 280cps
Från 85 kr
169 kr
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SELF Omega3 Fish Oil innehåller är en essentiell fettsyra (EFA) utvunnet från fiskolja och är därmed nödvändiga för...
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Self Omninutrition Vitamin D 100 tab
Från 60 kr
119 kr
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SELF Vitamin D bidrar till olika funktioner i kroppen, såsom immunförsvaret, metabolism av kalcium och fosfor,...
Self Omninutrition Stereo Headphones SNC-HP-168i
281 kr
469 kr
Coola hörlurar compartibla med Iphone, HTC etc med mick på kabel.  Headphone Speakersize 50 mmSensitivity 116...

Self Omninutrition Potassium & Magnesium 120 cps
Från 65 kr
129 kr
Rött pris gäller vid start av prenumeration.
SELF Potassium & Magnesium innehåller kalium och magnesium som är två viktiga mineraler. De fungerar som...